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SARAL Solutions is a dynamic and rapidly growing information technology consulting company which represents a multi-disciplinary , expert and motivated team of creatives, developers, programmers and marketing strategists with years of experience serving corporate clients.We are committed to excellence in everything we do; with our clients, our employees and the software solutions we produce. Backed by the skills and experience of marketing and general business, database integration and programming, graphic design and imaging, facilities management and project management, our clients are assured of the breadth and depth ever needed in a rapidly changing business world.

Besides a word-class product line , SARAL offers a portfolio of services designed to advance our clients' information technology goals and provides them with high quality technical experts and project teams. We build long-term relationships as an information technology services partner to companies ranging from industry leaders to emerging growth companies. By partnering with our clients, SARAL provides an integrated project team of complementary skills and competencies that shares expertise, transfers knowledge, and supports our clients' ability to run their businesses efficiently and cost-effectively.

SARAL believes that its culture, philosophy and values are the foundation of its success and the basis for continued growth. Since our founding in 1997, SARAL has been guided by a commitment to professionalism and the cornerstone principles of honesty, integrity, caring and sharing. This commitment results in a competitive advantage that helps SARAL attract and retain exceptional consultants and meet the demands of our clients for talented, high-quality professionals. Through its consultants, SARAL has established a reputation for quality, integrity, reliability and responsiveness.

We understand the critical factors of today's software integration projects, and focus on providing you with practical, real-world solutions. SARAL is evolving with software and technological advances, to ensure that we continue to provide people and ideas that efficiently guide your projects from discovery through design, integration and implementation. Our consultants are experienced in diverse technologies and industries, assuring that you are working with individuals who thoroughly understand your business. Skilled in a variety of software and client/server applications, our consultants offer a practical, real-world perspective to your project team. SARAL's services help you achieve the improvements in performance, resource flexibility and cost control that increase project effectiveness , narrow the margin between planned expenses and actual budget and bridge the gap between concept and reality.

At every level, we demonstrate through our actions, guided by our Quality System, what differentiates SARAL from other IT consulting companies. Attention to detail, timely follow-through, understanding Client needs, and commitment to excellence create a unique and outstanding company.

Our Mission

In Hindi , 'Saral' means easy / simple .At SARAL we are dedicated to delivering user-friendly outstanding software products and services on time and within budget. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction. We aim to provide the highest quality in software development services for your competitive advantage. We strive to:

  • provide excellent information systems professionals that are motivated to perform Client projects as specified and on schedule;
  • provide leadership/management support to ensure our Consulting Staff exceed our Clients' expectations; and
  • deliver value to clients through innovative and effective leverage of leading-edge Information Technology solutions.
  • use tomorrow's technology today to provide solutions that will last well into the future
  • maintain high standards of professionalism and efficiency to ensure that our client's projects are implemented on time and on budget.

Through effective communication and teamwork, SARAL's mission is to become the touchstone of excellence in the Information Systems solution provider industry. To that end, we pledge to provide the most professional and cost effective solutions available, with complete confidentiality and to remain wholly committed to Saral's aspiration of Total Quality Management.

Our Philosophy & Values

Continuity and Long-Term Relationships

SARAL emphasizes long-term relationships with Clients and firmly believes in the maxim- 'Coming together is a Beginning, Keeping together is Progress, Working together is Success.".. We believe in forming synergistic partnerships with our clients and vendors, so that together we can develop the most comprehensive and highest quality solutions. Our goal is to build a partnership for success with our clients. To achieve this goal, we:

  • Do everything possible to understand your business.
  • Expect and encourage you to play an active role in the project and the process.
  • Keep you abreast of project status at all times.

Company Discipline

We embrace three primary work habits:

  • "Commitment" to all facets of our business; Client and Staff support, and administrative activities; support of SARAL's Concepts, Principles, and Values and willingness to help others succeed.
  • "Attention to Detail" - doing things we must accomplish to meet our commitments; thoughtful and sincere dedication to planning and execution of all the "little things" that are (and are perceived to be) important to successful relationships with our Clients and fellow Staff Members.
  • "Immediate Follow-through" - the act of performing a task to its completion; timely responsiveness to ensure our success; a drive to effectively resolve areas of concern and pursue business opportunities.

Balance of Process and Flexibility

We strive to reach a balance between process and flexibility. We have refined our own development process, with proven success project after project. But we also want to understand how you do things and what works for you. Only then can we make an informed decision about what will work best for your unique project and custom tailor the process accordingly.


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