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SARAL provides adaptable and efficient software research and development. We offer a diverse engineering perspective, tapping a wealth of application and development experience from which to address your unique software requirements. Quality, no-nonsense analysis and development services for innovative, market-leading companies, like yours. We provide you with state-of-the-art solutions by integrating technology, creativity and strategy with your business processes. Our goal is to aid, substantiate and strengthen your competitive advantage by streamlining operations, incorporating creative design and maximizing sales opportunities. From full blown multi-media experiences to information analysis and retrieval systems, our development team can create a solution custom tailored to your needs.

SARAL is extremely versatile.Our consulting services vary by the client and by the project.We will adapt our consulting methods to best suit your business.We can work hand in hand with your staff, training them along the way, or we can assume responsibility for entire portions of the project. Our consultants can provide on-site service, working directly with your staff in your environment to solve your problems. Or, after we work with you to determine your functional and technical requirements, our off-site staff can develop a complete turn-key system without intruding on your daily operations. We can integrate the system with your existing facilities, or we can host it at our location. We can even mentor your full-time staff in weblication technologies, expanding your organization's skill set.

Using selected toolkits and methodologies we provide the complete professional information solution with multiple benefits. Our technical mastery and expertise in project architecture, design, development, and management will provide the foundation upon which your company can build and expand.The appropriate selection and integration of business technology is critical to your success. We work with you to understand your needs, identify your full potential, and then bring the best solutions together: Moreover, our timely and affordable results are assured to satisfy you.

SARAL offers a variety of services tailored specifically for you. From planning and design through implementation and beyond, our skilled consultants and instructors serve the specific needs of your company.

Windows Based Consulting - SARAL has extensive experience developing standalone desktop solutions as well as networked client/server systems for the entire family of Windows operating systems. Our solutions are designed to optimize efficiency, provide advanced business process automation, increase productivity, decrease costs and streamline operations. Our Strategic Technology Consulting practice provides assistance in determining the most effective use of technology within a specific business initiative, product, online service or topline process before moving forward with development projects.

Intranet / Extranet Applications - The Internet can help you build brand equity and provide instant access to your products and services to customers. Intranets can substantially improve the efficiency of complex business processes within your organization. Extended Intranets or Extranets broaden the purview of your Intranet to suppliers and vendors. The right combination of these three technologies can provide you with lethal competitive advantage.

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