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Quality directly affects your bottom line. A high-quality product has lower technical-support costs and higher levels of customer satisfaction. You can shorten your product-development cycle and save money on development costs by focusing on quality earlier in the development process, rather than later.

SARAL has an outstanding track record in all areas of quality assurance. Each project is unique, and our standard procedures are individually tailored to meet your requirements. We are particularly experienced in data synchronization and cross-platform testing for applications that span handheld devices, desktops, and the Web.

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SARAL can assist you with all aspects of your quality-assurance needs, at any stage from pre-alpha to Gold Master release. SARAL employs seasoned professionals with a broad set of quality-assurance skills. We work with you to determine the right testing process for your project. We can follow your testing standards, or recommend an approach based on our experience and the needs of your project. In either case, our number-one priority is making your product or service a success.

SARAL offers the following types of testing, either in conjunction with or independent of our software development services:

Automation: Exactly repeat scenarios, using tools such as QA Partner or Visual Test.

Boundary: Determine that only valid data can be entered. Verify correct behavior at and beyond maximum and minimum functional limits.

Certification: Evaluate readiness for Microsoft certification programs.

Compatibility/Configuration: Test for correct operation in all environments.

Documentation: Review and test scenarios described in hard copy, tutorials, online documentation, and Help systems.

Error Condition: Exercise all scenarios that should produce an error message or alert.

Integration: Verify that individual modules or features interact correctly.

Install/Uninstall--Verify files, folders, icons, and registry entries are properly created, replaced, and removed.

Internet: Ensure behavior is as expected with various Web browsers, servers, routers, firewalls, plug-ins, and so on.

Load/Stress: Examine operation while varying task volume and frequency under limited resource availability.

Localization/Globalization: Test adaptation to different national markets.

Performance/Race Condition: Find defects and speed of execution issues by stressing time-dependent functions.

Regression: Execute a standard series of tests to confirm stability.

User Experience/Usability--Ensure the product is easy to use, by performing workflow analyses, usability tests, and UI design validation.

Y2K: Assess handling of millennium rollover and other high-risk dates.


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