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E-business is about employing the resources of the web to streamline and facilitate business functions. It allows you to connect and strengthen the existing links between customers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and employees. We can make E-business work for you by web-enabling your existing technology infrastructure to work in Internet, Intranet and Extranet environments. By providing a common sense approach to integrating this newest medium into your existing business strategies, SARAL provides a single point of responsibility for re-defining the way that data is managed and distributed across the enterprise.It will simplify business processes, facilitate information sharing between employees, suppliers and associates and establish a relationship with your clients.

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Corporate intranets have become valuable tools in optimizing internal communications. SARAL's professional team of developers and programmers is highly qualified in building corporate intranets for even the most demanding requirements. Our solutions are made for your company and the way you do business.

SARAL can provide you with a sophisticated, interactive web site by effectively combining a user friendly interface with dynamic data from a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) such as Access,, SQL Server or Oracle. We can design a new database or connect to existing databases on a variety of different platforms.Our integration services provide our clients the best of breed solutions for any Internet/Intranet/Extranet based project.

We will develop a complete web-based solution which will enable you to operate your business more efficiently, thereby increasing competitiveness and maximizing profitability. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Iinternal newsletters
  • Bulletin boards
  • Conference centers (real-time)
  • Calendar of events
  • Job postings
  • HR documents
  • Shipment tracking systems
  • Event registration (meetings, seminars, training)
  • Stock performance
  • CBT /WBT integration
  • Customer service initiatives
  • Online Classified Ad Systems
  • Online Commerce & Catalogs
  • Online Recruiting Applications
  • Data driven Web Sites
IT Strategy Consulting

In order to compete successfully in dynamic markets, all businesses need efficient Information Technology solutions. Organizations must lay due emphasis on ground level strategy formulation to come up with an overall business technology plan. Our Information Technology consultants are experienced in advanced concepts such as e-business and business process automation, so we can evaluate your current strategy and suggest ways of improving it or replacing it. Some of the benefits that our holistic solutions offer you, include increased revenues, higher productivity and decreased costs.

Our solutions focus on processes, technology and people. We involve key members of your organization to help identify and analyze problems. We then work together to develop a comprehensive business technology plan which can include a combination of traditional Client/Server solutions, corporate web site design, Internet/intranet/extranet applications, electronic commerce and web marketing strategies. Our consultants can help implement these solutions and integrate them effectively with your existing systems.

In today’s world of technology changes, budget constraints, and global economy fluctuations, making the best IT related decision can often be difficult and confusing. SARAL maintains a significant level of expertise to help you make strategic decisions involving Business Process Re-engineering, Package Software/Hardware Evaluations, Strategic IT Planning and Business Resumption/Disaster Recovery activities.

Internet Strategy Development

The business process for publishing material on the Internet is little different to the process for other forms of publishing. However, the Internet does offer some interesting opportunities like interactivity, instant gratification and what's more it is easy to measure your success, unlike any other media. Technology plays a big part as well; there are limitations with the current browsers and bandwidth. So these factors must be taken into account in the development of any strategy.

SARAL provides a service that guides clients through the process. This process results in a development plan, a road map, for the client's Internet strategy. Important elements examined include:

  • Target audiences
  • Objectives of an online presence
  • Specific outcomes
  • Competitor online activity
  • Integration with communications strategy
  • The relevant online business model
  • In house training
  • Online promotion
  • Content management/dynamism
  • Feedback management
  • Interface opportunities with intranet
  • Performance monitoring
  • Technology implications

During such a process SARAL prefers that the client takes a hands on role, rather than leaving it to the SARAL consultant. This is very much a learning experience, so it is important that client personnel are intimately involved and have ownership. SARAL consultants design each programme to suit the particular needs of each client.

Usually however, group facilitation will be a key part of the early stages of strategy development. Well proven techniques are employed to obtain results in what is usually a relatively short space of time.


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