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    Key Benefits

By outsourcing to SARAL Solutions, you will partner with experts who can deliver encyclopedic solutions which address your most common and imperative management challenges, including:

  • Reducing the cost of management

  • Increasing end-user satisfaction
    Having developed many consumer level software products, our team knows how to produce a solution that is a perfect fit for your enterprise.

  • Reducing the risk involved with adopting new technology
    Our experts follow the latest advances and know when a technology is ready for prime time, saving you from costly mistakes. Our staff is always testing the latest technologies, implementing the best for our customers, and protecting them from the technologies that do more harm than good.
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 IT Strategy Consulting
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 Project Management
 Quality Assurance
  • Providing technology-based solutions to meet your overall business strategy

  • Business Case Must Lead Technology
    By aligning clients' IT strategies with their business strategies, we ensure that every step of the solutions deployment contributes to the business case. We conduct regular checkpoints to ensure that the solution is on track to deliver expected benefits.

  • You get a Fixed Price!
    We deliver our projects under a fixed time/fixed price model. This approach reduces the risk to our clients by ensuring that projects are delivered on time and on budget. It also prevents project costs from getting out of control and eroding the expected strategic return.

  • You get it On Time!
    By first building a strong, quantifiable business case for projects, we are able to control time to completion. But success today lies in being smarter and faster than the competition, not just more cost-efficient. We work with clients to deliver innovative, technology-enabled business solutions that help them grow their businesses.

  • You get it Fast!
    SARAL leverages operational time savers such as custom libraries of reusable objects and the use of innovative application frameworks to deliver results in unprecedented time frames - typically within three to twelve months for typical projects.
  • Knowledge Transfer
    We work  to ensure that client users can maintain and enhance applications independently of SARAL. After numerous successful projects, we know how to leverage enabling technologies for maximum strategic results. We willingly transfer this knowledge and our technical expertise throughout client projects.

  • Assimilation
    Successfully implementing new business solutions requires more than just process or technology expertise. It also demands an emphasis on issues such as corporate culture and methodology. We at SARAL are dedicated to helping users and IT staff assimilate new processes and technologies, to ensure that clients reap the maximum benefit from their interaction with the  new technology.

  • Designing for technology
    There is always a cost/benefit that needs to be addressed. Our experts can help you choose the right technology to produce the effect while keeping a handle on costs.

Project Management
Saral's expertise addresses all critical components of a windows project cycle: problem assessment, solution, testing, and implementation.Our experts can provide a full range of project management services. Analysis, testing, programming, interfaces and design all need to be precisely coordinated to keep a project on schedule and on budget. We employ a development methodology centered around software component reuse, which enables us to cut development time and reduce project cost considerably. SARAL maintains an extensive library of pre-built, tested and reusable components. During a software development project, the applicability of these and third party components are analyzed in detail and added to the project if found suitable.

Quality Assurance
Quality is the lifeblood of an organization. Whether you are in the technology, healthcare, financial services, or another industry sector, your success depends on the quality of your products and services. At Saral, we are committed to quality as a way of doing business.

In order to sustain our high commitment to quality, it is necessary to have a dedicated team of leaders. SARAL's executives are committed to SARAL's quality processes.We keep detailed procedures for maintaining and continually improving our quality system. Our executives make it their business to continually look for areas of improvement in all aspects of SARAL.

We make your product, service, or enterprise system easy to use by developing documentation that is clear, comprehensive, and appropriate for your target audience.


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