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Mediwise Clinic Management System
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Mediwise is a fully integrated, Windows®-based suite of solutions for the business and clinical needs of medical clinics.This easy-to-operate, cost-effective system addresses all of a facility's data processing needs: Intake, Referral Management, Patient Accounting, Scheduling, Case & Encounter Management and Financials.It provides physicians, clinicians, and healthcare executives with the necessary information to make critical decisions about the patient and the enterprise.


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The Mediwise family of application solutions are designed to address the practice needs of a range of specialties.Mediwise's fully integrated line of financial, administrative, clinical and decision support systems improve productivity and management control, maximize quality assurance, provide regulatory compliance and risk management.

Patient Documentation

For most practices, more time is spent processing patients than performing any other task.Accordingly, streamlining the patient registration and checkout processes is a top priority for Mediwise and should be for you, too! 
Mediwise gives you a fast and easy way to tap the necessary nugget of current clinical information at the moment it matters. The Patient window displays the data most often needed at a moment's notice; information such as demographics, insurance coverage, contacts and recalls, referral information, appointment profile and next contact, guarantor, emergency name and number, case details and risk management prompts.

Patient Accounting

  • Accommodates multiple Fee Schedules for any procedure
  • Generate estimate & patient bill automatically from patient records
  • Generate a consolidated statement for entire family, at your option
  • Insurance tracking
  • Accounts receivable and collection follow-up

Patient Care Management

Mediwise's Clinical Information System integrates current patient information and displays it at the point-of-care. The system fully supports all patient care functions for charting, managing orders and analyzing data in real-time clinical decision support.  The clinical interface contains concise, prepared descriptive statements to document a caregiver's findings avoiding extensive paperwork and typing. The CIS ensures accurate and accessible patient information whenever and wherever it's needed throughout the enterprise.

Adherence to the HL7(Health Level 7) protocol  and usage of  ICD9 and CPT4 codes ensure standard documentation. Users can move seamlessly from one function to the next, taking full advantage of the wealth of information available:

  • Full history of all prior patient visits
  • Front sheet/summary sheet provides data at a glance
  • Up to date complaints, vital signs, and allergies,
  • Laboratory results reporting module provides results directly at point of care
  • Case and Encounter details
  • Medications, Instructions and Diet orders


Mediwise includes a complete laboratory information system designed to manage observation data from requisition to final patient report It provides instant access to laboratory results, optimizing laboratory use, clinical efficiency and "on-call" decisions.

Mediwise provides full system support for activities in  Chemistry ,Hematology ,Coagulation  , Serology ,Urinalysis  , Microbiology  , Cytology  ,and Pathology.

Referrals management

Tracking your referrals and patients is a continuous process, for both marketing your practice and delivering the best patient care possible. Mediwise's Clinical Referral System ensures that both the referring clinician and the consultant stay fully informed of patient progress.

  • Track referring physicians
  • Schedule and generate mail-merged letters to referring physicians
  • Calculate and display referring physician statistics
  • Accommodates multiple referrals per patient, with a history on-line.
  • Documents referral source tracking
  • Provides reminders for referral follow-up
  • Generates patient specific letters to referral source


Quite often, scheduling an appointment is the first contact a patient has with your practice. It is therefore imperative that you can quickly and efficiently navigate through the scheduling system, have the information and tools you need readily available, and handle the wide variety of scheduling situations and challenges that frequently arise.

  • View appointments in daily, weekly and fortnight layouts.
  • Practice-defined time increments - Schedule down to ten-minute intervals.
  • Track no-shows, cancellations and confirmed appointments.
  • Reschedule appointments easily.
  • Appointments may be scheduled from multiple terminals.
  • Access by patient or resource (professional staff, physicians, rooms, etc.)
  •  Conflict notification - Overbooking with operator warning

  Enjoy a scheduling system that truly works so much like your paper appointment book that you'll already know how to use it.

Medical Imaging and Documents
The Imaging module facilitates the acquisition, storage and review of digital images from a variety of sources. It can be used to  store all the  Case Notes, X-rays and  any  other document  and references of  the patient  as  real  images  of  the  original. This can be retrieved and viewed by the concerned authority in a short time for later reference.

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