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Do you use a manual book for scheduling appointments? Do you wait for a book to become available to serve a patient? Are you using multiple books for each doctor, provider or chair? Does booking an appointment on your computer take more time than it does manually? Would you like to see more than one day per page? If you could reduce the amount of time spent booking and confirming appointments, would you? If you answered "Yes" to one or more of these questions, it's time to consider the benefits of the SaralDent Scheduler. The SaralDent Scheduler automates the entire booking process, allowing you to schedule, move and cancel appointments very quickly. The system automatically marks cancelled and missed appointments for rebooking, so you never lose an appointment and are assured of continuity in your patient care. The SaralDent Scheduler is also much more than an automated appointment book. It is a comprehensive, fully integrated Resource Management Scheduler. Scheduling for multiple doctors and chairs is easily handled by the system.The booking screen displays up to 14 full days for one doctor, provider or chair, and you can display more with the touch of a key. Throughout the day, the SaralDent Scheduler will save you time and money with its speed and flexibility.
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