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SARAL Library  
Tools for better library management
Journal acquisition.
Circulation's and reservations
Inventory ,Stock check
Items and item status
See and See Also lists
Wish Lists
Fines and accounts
Bar code functionality
Touch Screen Kiosk  connectivity for students with additional  Studeix Extensions
Smart and Secure

Smart User interface

  • Voice Memos and Transcription tools
  • Sophisticated Search & Select capabilities
  • Minimum typing involved
  • Requires minimal ongoing maintenance
  • Defaults for quick entry
  • Retrieve and Review patron/student records with a minimum of two keystrokes
  • Online context sensitive Help System. 
  • On-line message system allows user to transmit or receive any message to or from any or all other workstations or users

Robust security system

  • Password Security protection at key levels
  • Audit Control and Field Level Audit Trial
  • Access restrictions can be applied to actions in windows and sunning of reports to ensure that only designated members of your staff can access the appropriate information.
It's easy to get started

For each of the solutions it offers, SARALS provides prompt, helpful client service, as well as training courses with schedules designed to accommodate client availability and needs.

Help and Interactive Tutorials

  • Context-sensitive help
  • Show-Me-How Videos
  • On-site training




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