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Determining whether an electronic medical record makes sense in a medical office is not strictly a numbers game. It is a function not only of finance, but also of the quality of services provided, such as reduction in medical errors and regulatory compliance but also the effect it will have on the clinical and administrative staff.

Proven Return on investment in 6-12 months

  • Practices can easily justify a Sanjivani investment because it delivers significant quality enhancements  and cost benefits through:
  • Enhanced intra-organization communication and coordination
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Better quality of care leading to improved patient satisfaction
  • Reduced length of stay
  • Improved risk management
  • Optimizes revenue recovery and increases cash flow
  • Decreased denials
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Eliminating transcription
  • Supporting standardized care protocols
  • Eliminating chart pulls and other inefficiencies
  • Supporting paperless billing

Increase physician and office efficiency

Making the transition to an electronic medical record is one of the most intelligent business decisions that a practice can make.Sanjivani can be quickly and easily used by practice staff, and is robust enough to meet the needs of the most sophisticated practice manager.  You can expect your staff to become more organized and less stressed when relying on the software for these practice management functions.

  • There's no more searching the paper file page by page.
  • Information within the automated file is complete and legible.
  • Your staff will spend less time filing and tracking down and managing  files.
  • The dilemma of misplaced files is eliminated.
  • Enhances patient and document workflow.
  • Since the patient file is clearly organized, quickly pinpoint the exact information you need at that moment.Using Sanjivani, physicians can spend less time on documentation and spend more time on patient care.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Sanjivani  creates a real-time legible, accurate medical record that provides all clinicians with a comprehensive and integrated overview of his treatment. The opportunity for medical errors reduces when  clinicians are working from the same documentation and management system. Efficiencies are realized when clinical activities are coordinated and the physicians, nurses and ancillary staff can concentrate on patient care rather than documentation.

  • A real time record is available to the patient's primary care physician resulting in proper continuation of care.
  • A legible record created through Sanjivani decreases medical "misadventures" once an admitted or transferred patient leaves the emergency department.
  • The patient receives an itemized bill specific to their health plan that correlates with the services provided, reducing billing and payment concerns as to services rendered.
  • The Sanjivani system decreases a patient's overall length of stay and improves overall satisfaction by increasing staff efficiency.
  • Reduces waiting time and enhances patient care by providing staff with accurate and timely patient information.

Limit malpractice and audit liabilities.

Capturing exhaustive levels of organized patient information on a computer limits the probability of physician error in administering treatment, while providing ample

amounts of substantive documentation to aid and support decision making.

  • Errors caused by illegible handwriting are eliminated and automatic prompts warn of impeding allergic reactions or adverse drug interactions.
  • Legible, accurate and complete documented records result in further reduced risk  and malpractice exposure to clinicians, hospitals and the company.

Patient Tracking

As healthcare organizations strive to improve patient satisfaction, reduce wait times and use fewer resources, patient tracking becomes a critical success factor.Patient tracking comes in many forms and serves many purposes.An effective patient tracking system will not only improve staff productivity and patient care, but will also control resources and streamline the flow of information throughout the organization

   Gathering statistics, following up on consultations, contacting post-surgery and post-treatment patients, recalling patients that need to schedule appointments, following up on prospective patients who have inquired about treatment or requested information, finding patients who have undergone a certain treatment or have a certain diagnosis or have taken a certain prescription drug or have told you “the check's in the mail”… 

Sanjivani automates the entire patient tracking process from staffing and treatment of patients to clinical results and discharge instructions.Sanjivani's patient tracking systems allow you to increase your business, be more productive, and most importantly, provide better care for your patients.

Benefits of Electronic Scheduling

Investing in the right electronic appointment scheduler for your practice will provide you with multiple benefits, including cost reduction and better staff scheduling.

Electronic scheduling helps you plan your day into productive increments of time for optimal outcomes for your patients as well as your practice. How?

Scheduling Office Procedures

  • Difficult office procedures can be scheduled during certain hours so that optimal staff is available to assist patients
  • Longer office procedures can be restricted to certain hours so that the patient's treatment is completed during normal business hours
  • Multi-specialty practices can coordinate procedure hours

Physician Notification

  • Physicians can access patient check-in information throughout the office upon patient arrival.
  • Physicians can access patient lists for the day and recommend alternative office hours for problematic patients



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