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  Since no two hospitals are alike, Sanjivani provides all the necessary building blocks for a robust solution. This framework is composed of a collection of best of breed modules and software packages that are seamlessly integrated to provide a highly flexible and adaptable platform for delivering a truly customized and easily configurable solution.

Patient Documentation

For most practices, more time is spent processing patients than performing any other task.Accordingly, streamlining the patient registration and checkout processes is a top priority for Sanjivani and should be for you, too! Any system will allow you to register and check out patients, but there can be worlds of difference in how these most basic tasks are accomplished.

Sanjivani gives you a fast and easy way to tap the necessary nugget of current clinical information at the moment it matters. The Patient window displays the data most often needed at a moment's notice; information such as demographics, insurance coverage, contacts and recalls, referral information, appointment profile and next contact, guarantor, emergency name and number, case details and risk management prompts.

Patient Accounting
  • Accommodates multiple Fee Schedules for any procedure
  • Generate estimate & patient bill automatically from patient records
  • Generate a consolidated statement for entire family, at your option

Accounts receivable and collection follow-up

Increase Collections and minimize bad debt -Create accurate aged receivables and delinquency reports

Patient Care Management

Sanjivani's Clinical Information System integrates current patient information and displays it at the point-of-care. The system fully supports all patient care functions for charting, managing orders and analyzing data in real-time clinical decision support.  The clinical interface contains concise, prepared descriptive statements to document a caregiver's findings avoiding extensive paperwork and typing. The CIS ensures accurate and accessible patient information whenever and wherever it's needed throughout the enterprise.

Adherence to the HL7(Health Level 7) protocol  and usage of  ICD10 and CPT4 codes ensure standard documentation. Users can move seamlessly from one function to the next, taking full advantage of the wealth of information available:

  • Full history of all prior patient visits
  • Front sheet/summary sheet provides data at a glance
  • Up to date complaints, vital signs, and allergies,
  • Laboratory results reporting module provides results directly at point of care
  • Case and Encounter details
  • Admit, Transfer and Discharge details
  • Medications, Instructions and Diet orders
Referrals management

Tracking your referrals and patients is a continuous process, for both marketing your practice and delivering the best patient care possible. Sanjivani's Clinical Referral System ensures that both the referring clinician and the consultant stay fully informed of patient progress.

  • Track referring physicians
  • Schedule and generate mail-merged letters to referring physicians
  • Calculate and display referring physician statistics
  • Accommodates multiple referrals per patient, with a history on-line.
  • Documents referral source tracking
  • Provides reminders for referral follow-up
  • Generates patient specific letters to referral source

Quite often, scheduling an appointment is the first contact a patient has with your practice. It is therefore imperative that you can quickly and efficiently navigate through the scheduling system, have the information and tools you need readily available, and handle the wide variety of scheduling situations and challenges that frequently arise.

  • View appointments in daily, weekly and monthly layouts.
  • Practice-defined time increments - Schedule down to five-minute intervals.
  • Track no-shows, cancellations and confirmed appointments.
  • Block out time for lunch, afternoons off, meetings, vacations, and emergencies.
  • See different types of appointments at a glance via color-coding.
  • Use powerful search engine to immediately find open time slots.
  • Reschedule appointments easily.
  • Appointments may be scheduled from multiple terminals.
  • Access by patient or resource (professional staff, physicians, rooms, etc.)
  •  Conflict notification - Overbooking with operator warning

  Enjoy a scheduling system that truly works so much like your paper appointment book that you'll already know how to use it.

Medical Imaging and Documents

The Imaging module facilitates the acquisition, storage and review of digital images from a variety of sources. It can be used to  store all the  Case Notes, X-rays and  any  other document  and references of  the patient  as  real  images  of  the  original. This can be retrieved and viewed by the concerned authority in a short time for later reference.

  Document Management-Goes beyond imaging, you can also add  html, Word , Excel files containing information relevant to the patient.

Illustrations and Annotations

All the drawings in the knowledge base can be used as templates to which the user can add sketches and comments 

Illustrations and drawings can be created from scratch or built up from a picture template. Users can annotate each image with additional notes and drawings, without modifying the underlying image/illustration

Fully Customizable

Sanjivani adjusts to the physician's style of practice with customization options and user-defined lists. . The physician does not have to alter their record keeping to suit the computer.

Prescriptions and Drug Reference
  • Automated Prescription Writing Features:
  • Print and record prescriptions. 
  • Allergy alerts
  • Printed prescriptions with drug-drug interaction checks result
  • in decreased medication and pharmacy errors.
  • Custom medication and instruction templates
  • Tracks medication by patient and visit. 
  • Track practice-wide medication use statistics.
  • An extensive online drug information database includes the ability to view and print patient drug instructions and reference. Detailed dosages of brand-name drugs can be entered quickly and easily
  • Medications are provide by the system in classes and contextual information is also provided
Reminders and Recalls
  • Make follow up calls to your surgery patients,
  • Provides reminders for referral follow-up
  • An integrated collections follow-up system that automates the tickler file, comments and follow-up notes, reporting and collection letters
  • Custom Reminders
  • Reminders for Anniversaries , Birthdays,Expected Lab test results

Sophisticated Patient Recalls

  • Send recall notices alerting patients to annual exam, immunization, etc.
  • Set a recall date automatically based on performed procedures, or manually 
  • Assign an unlimited number of recalls per patient 
  • Prints recall notices, cards, labels and reports – individually or in batches
Ward Management

This module takes care of the allocation of Beds to In-Patients in a Ward.

 The Hospital can have complete on-line information about the occupants in  a  Ward. User - friendly screens provide more flexibility in reserving/admitting  a  patient  to  a  Ward. Transfer of patients from  one ward  to  another  and  allocation  of  Wards  based  on  Specialties  and Patient's  economic  conditions is also possible.

  Admission, Discharge & Transfer

  • Handles admissions, discharges, and transfers of patients in hospitals and clinics.
  • Provides the critical data you need to effectively manage your peri-operative in today's challenging healthcare climate
  • Online occupancy display for control of room and bed assignment continuously updated for  transfers and discharges
  • Patient Intake and Outtake Data
  • Incident Reporting
Correspondence Templates

Written communication is an extension of yourself. The quality of your written communication reflects upon the perceived quality of your practice, and can significantly impact your practice's image. While this may not be fair  - nothing beyond the quality of the care being delivered to the patient should matter—no one can deny that the manner with which you present yourself to your patients, your referring doctors, and your community can have at least as much impact on your image as the quality of your work.

With this in mind, Sanjivani provides unique point-and-click designer tools to allow you to create professional-looking and professional-sounding letters and forms in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • Letters can be spell checked .
  • Save time by printing custom collection letters for a selected group of collections accounts at one time
  • Create your own forms, statements, superbills and notices
  • Bilingual Medication and Discharge Instructions
Powerful Reporting Features

Sanjivani provides physicians, clinicians, and healthcare executives with the necessary information to make critical decisions about the patient and the enterprise.

  • All the reports that are needed to assess and analyze the profitability and effectiveness of the services offered.
  • QA analysis tool to investigate critical areas such as physician utilization, revenue analysis, census comparisons and cash flow.
  • Generate all statutory reports & routine correspondence with minimum efforts
  • Custom query builder and report formatter tools
Scaleable and Flexible

Being modular in nature Sanjivani can be scaled from  single provider, single location practices, to the large multi-doctor, multi-location institutions.

Network Ready-Being Multi-user and network enabled, new network workstations and users can be added as and when the need arises.

Choice of Database Engine-Users have the option to switch to the database engine of their choice for data storage.

Invested for Your Future-Because of Sanjivani's flexible architecture, you can feel confident that as your organization and its practice mix grows or changes, Sanjivani will grow or change with you.  

Data Export

Sanjivani allows you to export Data to other formats (including Excel spreadsheets andWord documents too)and destinations.

By using the html export options, Net savvy clinics can publish data onto the Web using our Web-Sync extensions..

Carry your data with you-Integrating data with your handheld/PDA(Palm/Windows CE/Pocket PC).-Imagine taking a referring doctor to lunch, and being able to display all recently referred patients, the treatment that was performed, the prescriptions that were written etc. Never again will you struggle to recall the referring doctor's spouse's name, kids' names, hobbies, and other personal details.

Why print and carry paper reports everyday, when the information you need can be right in your PDA?


  • Convenient access to your appointment schedules, night call report and referral data.
  • Minimize or eliminate the printing and carrying of paper reports
  • Enhance communications with referring doctors
  • Data is always at your fingertips, no matter where you are.
  •  Make follow up calls to your surgery patients, with procedure, diagnosis and prescription details right in front of you, without having to carry printed reports
Smart and Secure

Smart User interface

  • Voice Memos and Transcription tools
  • Sophisticated Search & Select capabilities
  • Minimum typing involved
  • Requires minimal ongoing maintenance
  • Defaults for quick entry
  • Retrieve and Review patient records with a minimum of two keystrokes
  • Online context sensitive Help System. 
  • On-line message system allows user to transmit or receive any message to or from any or all other workstations or users

Robust security system

  • Password Security protection at key levels
  • Audit Control and Field Level Audit Trial
  • Access restrictions can be applied to actions in windows and sunning of reports to ensure that only designated members of your staff can access the appropriate information.
It's easy to get started

For each of the solutions it offers, SARALS provides prompt, helpful client service, as well as training courses with schedules designed to accommodate client availability and needs.

Help and Interactive Tutorials

  • Context-sensitive help
  • Show-Me-How Videos
  • On-site training



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